Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll End You Kitty

I’ll End You Kitty
Inspired by Casey Bainter

I’ll end you kitty if it’s the last thing I do
I should have gotten a dog, loyal and true
I’m sick of your meows and scratch, scratching
Your indifferent eyes and your hours of napping
I’ve tried to be gentle, to be humane
But no matter where I leave you – you’re back the next day

So, I’ll treat you to a treat with a high poison quotient
With Mr. Yuck on the bottles, I pour them and mix them
I think to myself, “Yeah, this will fix him!”
I get down close to watch your demise
But you flip the bowl over into my eyes

When the burning stops and I can see
Ending that kitty is a strong felt need
A dual, forty paces, that is the way
Shooting and missing, this was a mistake
You fire more truly and blow me away

Back from the hospital, a new plan in motion
I’ll end you kitty with a bash to split you open
Hammer in head, I swing for the fences
Your head soon will be only a few traces
But alas I miss and hit myself in the man places

I’ll end you kitty if it’s the last thing I do
I sit and ponder on which tools to use
A chainsaw or jackhammer
Perhaps fire! Yes, Fire!
Up goes my home in a pillar of flames
And out walks the kitty, unamused by my games

Oh, I’ll end you kitty
As soon as I’m free
From this tight jacket and white walls around me
Oh, I’ll end you kitty, I write on the walls
And curse your name down the Psych Ward halls.