Sunday, December 13, 2009


The October submission for Digital Quills:

There amongst the waves calling for me
Is young Enora walking the sea
I am frozen and fearful at the terrible sight
Her clothes are but tatters, her skin like moonlight
Her eyes burn with fire as bright as the stars
Her smile sweetly sinister, her hands deformed by the scars
Despite all this terror her beauty remains
I still feel a lust like on the 20th of May
On the deck of the Lola I kissed her in vain
Her love for another would be my great bane
Twas the 20th she spurned me far out to sea
She pushed and she struggled, she called out and screamed
So I bound her and gagged her, tossed her into the sea
Down to the bottom, went under did she
Now on rough nights when the sea battles and roars
Sweet young Enora wonders the shores
She hopes to find me, to share her great horror
To drag me to the deep, her ever-loving adorer